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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Beginners Basic Computer Guide

Computer is an electronic device which is designed to work with information. The word 'computer' comes from the Latin word 'computer', it means counting or programmable machine. The computer can do nothing without a program. It represents a decimal number with a string of binary numbers. The term 'computer' usually refers to central processor units plus internal memory.

According to functionality, computers are classified as:

  • Analog Computer: A computer that represents numbers by constantly changing physical volume, whose variations imitate the model of some system models.
  • Personal computer: A personal computer is small and low cost in a computer. The term "personal computer" is used to describe the desktop computer (desktop).
  • Workstation: A network terminal or desktop computer. In this context, the workstation is just a general term for a user machine (client machine) in contrast to a "server" or "mainframe".
  • Minicomputer: A minicomputer is not too short. At least, most of us do not think about Mini. You know how big your personal computer and its related family are.
  • Mainframe: This is a large computer that operates a whole corporation.
  • Supercomputer: It is the world's largest, fastest and most expensive computer.
  • Microcomputers: Your personal computer is a micro computer.

Basic parts of a computer:-


A computer monitor is an output device that displays information in the graphic form. A monitor usually consists of display devices, circuits, casing, and power supply. Modern monitors display devices typically replace a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlit, with a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) with LED backlighting. The older monitor uses a cathode ray tube (CRT).

The HDD:-

On the other hand, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), part of your computer is responsible for "long-term" memory. Hard drives use magnetic storage to write "fixed" data. We want to say strongly that if you close your computer the information will still be stored on the hard drive and you are ready to access it after you retrieve it.


There are two parts of your computer that are responsible for memory. Let's look at the random access memory (or RAM) early. Ram is a small stick with plastic circuits with several contacts on one side. It plugs directly to the motherboard of your computer (the large platform of the platform which plugs to other parts of the computer). Your computer's RAM somewhat like your short-term memory. It contains everything that a computer is thinking about right now.


Central processing unit (usually referred to as CPU) has a four-square-inch chip inside your computer, which has millions of transistors, which can perform every single mathematical operation. CPU Central Processing Unit Your computer's CPU is pretty cool in your computer's brain. This is part of your computer that is "Thinking", in the form of millions of calculations per second. On this day, the CPU creates several "core" that can work together.

Generally speaking, it strengthens your CPU and if it's even more the core, your computer will run faster.

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Monday 1 April 2019

Laptop repair in Kolkata, A Beginners Guide | Free Assistance

We live in the digital world. Today much of all that we do is through electronic devices like our smartphones and computers. Though we smartphone penetration in India has risen sharply in India, you would agree that when it comes to serious work most of us depend on laptop computers. Thus in case, there is a sudden malfunctioning or a breakdown then our entire work life may come to a standstill. 

At these times it becomes absolutely essential we avail the repairing and maintenance services of a reliable service provider in the field.  In case you belong to Kolkata and on the lookout for the best laptop repairing services in Kolkata or anywhere else let us look at some of the problems which are very common.

Confirm your issue

The latest Laptop computers are very sophisticated devices which have complex mechanisms. So there may be a host of issues which you might be confronted with. It depends on how familiar you are with such issues. If you are a complete beginner then you might not be able to figure out the problem which you need to report for a solution. 

Free Guide Call Matrix - 9874660555

In case you are fairly familiar you might be able to identify the problem you can call Matrix Infosys to seek assistance. We are always ready to offer our assistance.  Our technical experts are very knowledgeable and if it is a  minor issue we would be glad to guide you over the phone itself if the same can be done over instructions over the phone. 

If bigger problem- contact Authorized service

All branded Laptop Companies have their own Authorized service centers. It is best that you seek a resolution from them since you can be assured of reliable servicing and authentic parts.
  • Laptop Warranty

If yours is a brand new Laptop Computer which is within the warranty period you might have the problem resolved totally free of cost. So you must always check for the warranty period if repairing is needed.
  • Resolve your issue as soon as possible- do not delay

Even it is a minor problem with your computer it is always advisable that you seek an early solution. Laptop computers are highly sophisticated devices wherein any small problem could get big quickly. Repairing a larger problem means a bigger repairing cost. So make sure that you have the laptop problem resolved at the earliest without any delay.

Prompt resolution – at an affordable solution- Matrix

In case you are based in Kolkata and seek the best laptop repairing services you can have the best at the most affordable rates. We supply only genuine parts and our technicians are the best and most productive. So no matter how complicated the laptop problem you can have the best repairing solutions at the most affordable rates. Let us see come key and very common Laptop Computer issues and the approximate repairing costs for the same.

Note : Currently We have started same services like computer, laptop, printer, TV and data recovery in Patna Bihar So you may refer to your friends and special discount on first service.   

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Placing Computer in House - A Vastu Tips

Rapid technological advancements have made computers a necessity rather than a luxury. Gone are the days when buying a computer was seen as a sign of luxury. In today’s tech savvy world, computers are omnipresent.
The use of computers these days is not only limited to maintaining accounts or writing reports. It has a wide variety of usage.
Right from connecting people thousands of miles away, to spreading banking to the remotest of villages; from helping scientist launch space missions, to decoding complex mathematical formulas, a computer can almost do anything today.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

MAC too needs anti-malware protection

The very thought that MACs are completely safe and does not need any anti-virus protection is taking a back seat day by day. Yes, nothing is fully protected on its own. With increasing use, every system is getting prone to virus attacks. The use of pen drives and numerous websites are facilitating the process. However, for every problem faced there are solutions. 

So keeping in mind some basic rules and having a check on your device can help you protect your system safety. Here are a few to start with:

Always Keep your system updated: It is important that your system gets access to the latest versions of the software released in the market. These versions are equipped with protection against latest viruses. So always keep the auto-update mode on.

Always use trusted sites: Its always advisable to use and download from trusted sites. Various sites redirect you to sites which are spams and instead infect your system. Also never ever download from random sites. It is always advisable to use MAC app store. If that is not available then from the softwares official sites. Pop-ups should not be trusted. They are usually the first ones to harm your MAC.

Keep old plug-ins away: Java, Flash are some of the common plug-ins of the initial web world. However, they are mostly out of use these days.that is exactly the reason that these are mostly loaded with malware. So it is better to disable these plug-ins. Also disabling them won't be of much trouble as they are rarely needed. MACs official browser generally disables them by default. It is still better to have a check.

Use free anti-virus for MAC: Using free anti-virus software that are designed exclusively for MAC can be a good choice. These software have a better understanding of the MAC and ther4eby gives the best protection. To name a few, there are Avast, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for MAC,
Sophos etc.

Periodic scans: one must always run malware scans periodically. That will help keep a check on your systems condition and prevent damage. Also using or unknowing devices without scanning is a strict NO. You must always run scan virus on the device.

Following these few security details will definitely help you keep your MACs life good and prevent any unwanted disturbance and also malware attacks. 

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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Helpful Ways on How Should You Clean Your Laptop

The laptop is a device that makes computer usage very handy. It is portable thus people can carry them as and when required. Since the device is of such importance, it demands service, care, and attention on a regular note so that it remains in good condition and one can work smoothly. 

If you are cleaning your laptop now and then it will work wonders and you will get to enjoy the flawlessness. A clean laptop will usually attract attention as it is clean, tidy and pleasing to the eyesight.

If you are a regular laptop user, you can understand the difference in its performance when it is clean and when you leave it untidy and unattended for days and days. Apart from all this laptop cleaning is not an easy task rather it should be done in a specific way so that you do not damage any part unintentionally. 
We are providing some tips, guidelines and service on how you can carry out the cleaning process without damaging your laptop and get a fabulous look appearance.

Ways of cleaning your laptop efficiently:

·       Expert help for internal cleaning – 

      The internal as well as the external part of your laptop requires thorough cleaning. It is safe and good to hire a professional to do the task for you. Parts of the laptop have to be cleaned effectively but without any damage thus a professional is the best person to carry out the task. A common person may remove the casing and understand everything but there is always a risk of damaging the ends and it can turn out to be an expensive repair.

  •       Having all kinds of equipment – 
       If you are serious about cleaning your laptop then the basic idea is to have all the necessary tools needed to get you started. You do not need to get all but the essential ones for a successful cleaning. The cleaning equipment should be kept separately for better use.

  •       Tools needed for cleaning are – 
      Clothes that are lint free or pure cotton, Compressed can of air, Liquid or detergent that is week for washing, Alcohol for rubbing.

  •      Cleaning the external casing of the laptop – 
     This is the best place to start cleaning. People can cover right from the top to the bottom. One of the most important factors to consider before beginning the cleaning task is to unplug the laptop from the plug point, close the device and then remove the battery. The cleaning detergent is then mixed with a warm bowl of water then the cotton or clothes are soaked into them for wiping off the dust.

  •      Dust removal from vents – 
     One of the most difficult parts in laptop cleaning is dust removal from the vents. This is the place where you will use compressed air. Maintain the right pressure of the air flow so that it does not cause any damage.

  •      Screen cleaning – 
      LCD should not be hampered or destroyed therefore buy a cleaning substance which is available in the market. Make sure that the chemical is not harsh and does not damage the screen.

  •      Cleaning the keys - 
      Key cleaning requires attention and care of the person so that it is not damaged. A slight mistake from your end can lead to a major loss. This is the right place to use alcohol as it evaporates away.
If you are planning to clean your laptop without seeking the help of a professional, make sure to read the given points

Friday 17 November 2017

Affordable Computer Repair Service – Is it right which you are looing for?

Kolkata is the mingle of student of different professional, IT professional and Business men. All they use computer, Laptop, Smart phone or Tab for personal or professional use and due to growth of digital media It's demand gradually increase. When I looking 5 to 10 year back, Maximum 1 to 5 people I found in 100 with smart phone but it's the day of android and in 10 you will find 8 with android phone.

So no doubt the electronics media become high in demand these day but compare with this growth the people income remain same that is why people always looking for affordable price for any kinds of services.

I am expert in hardware repairing service including computer, laptop, printer, TV or any such device since long time and on this journey I analyze people mentality when they land to our business place for repairing computer, Laptop, Printer, TV or for any services. They always looking for low cost service and It become more costly due to re visiting the store because low cost service is not up to the mark most of time.

So I always suggest people to find quality service offered at reasonable price. I don't say I offer hardware repair service at lowest cost but I try to satisfied customer with quality work at most affordable price. Our this strategy boost my business and become a brand name for hardware repair in Kolkata.

So what you have to look for when going for Hardware repair?


As per my suggestion when you are going to repair hardware device you must visit authorize service center but don't visit on-road service provider. Most of time they are cheater and his work become costly then authorize service provider. If you want more about authority testing of any company then must visit 10 points you must review before you availcomputer repairing blog post...

Monday 25 September 2017

CCleaner: Is It a Safe Software?

CCleaner is a free anti malware tool. The same was developed by a Company which is based in London, known as Piriform. The anti malware tool was recently damaged which affected over 2 million users worldwide. The developer company is presently owned by renowned software security firm Avast.   

The company says that its download servers were compromised with during some time after the 15th of August this year shortly after it released its version v5.33.6162 . This happened owing to a data leak which also led to the injection of the second malware payload into the use PC to affect the same in the long run.

About CCleaner

CCleaner has over 2.27 million users globally. It has already been noted in the past that these hackers could do anything to earn street credit cards and money. Experts feel that is a form of industrial espionage which could ultimately destroy a country’s defense. 

It is being assumed that this was one of those attacks or it can be just for fun. It could also be just to show a large company like Avast that their security is breakable. However the exact reason for this hacking attack is yet to be known.

The virus attack: it’s impact

Researchers in the field are of the opinion the CCleaner malware was particularly worrisome because it somehow made it onto software that could be executed using Piriform’s valid security certificate. They also feel that the malware which was used is almost undetectable one out of 64 antiviruses can detect its presence.

It was also noted by the research team that this was the same malware that created the chaos on June, 2017. The attack back then had crippled thousands of business machines worldwide. The wiper malware was used for doing this attack back then. The same  was distributed from a legitimate tax accounting software from Ukrainian company M.E.Doc.

Steps to resolve the problem

“Piriform” has promised to fix this on the next version 5.34 which will be available on their official website.
However the big question here is who hacked the software? Was something which was done hackers or was it inside job? Or could it just be a publicity stunt? The fact is that if it was an attack from outside, then the company would not be so very concerned with the issue .Of course this type marketing is quite common with many companies.
As per the company, it is taking many corrective steps internally so that these incidents do not get repeated in the future. However this incident only is another reason why you as an internet user must be more cautious from here on. The following are certain steps you could use in this direction:
  •         You must try using strong passwords always
  •         Try never using personal information in your password
  •      You should set passwords as well as  PINs for mobile devices
  •          It is best to have  unique passwords for each website
  •          Get into the habit of regularly changing   passwords, which may be  every 30 to 60 days
  •         It is always recommended to use a “burner” email address
  •         Change email settings to display text only
  •         There is a need to update your operating system software whenever prompted by your system
  •         You must not t store an unencrypted password list on your device
  • I i It is always best to close your browser and clean your browsing history at regular intervals.

In conclusion we hope that this blog will help you to become more cautious in future and ensure better online safety. Keep Connected blog.matrixitservice.com