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Tuesday 20 March 2018

MAC too needs anti-malware protection

The very thought that MACs are completely safe and does not need any anti-virus protection is taking a back seat day by day. Yes, nothing is fully protected on its own. With increasing use, every system is getting prone to virus attacks. The use of pen drives and numerous websites are facilitating the process. However, for every problem faced there are solutions. 

So keeping in mind some basic rules and having a check on your device can help you protect your system safety. Here are a few to start with:

Always Keep your system updated: It is important that your system gets access to the latest versions of the software released in the market. These versions are equipped with protection against latest viruses. So always keep the auto-update mode on.

Always use trusted sites: Its always advisable to use and download from trusted sites. Various sites redirect you to sites which are spams and instead infect your system. Also never ever download from random sites. It is always advisable to use MAC app store. If that is not available then from the softwares official sites. Pop-ups should not be trusted. They are usually the first ones to harm your MAC.

Keep old plug-ins away: Java, Flash are some of the common plug-ins of the initial web world. However, they are mostly out of use these days.that is exactly the reason that these are mostly loaded with malware. So it is better to disable these plug-ins. Also disabling them won't be of much trouble as they are rarely needed. MACs official browser generally disables them by default. It is still better to have a check.

Use free anti-virus for MAC: Using free anti-virus software that are designed exclusively for MAC can be a good choice. These software have a better understanding of the MAC and ther4eby gives the best protection. To name a few, there are Avast, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for MAC,
Sophos etc.

Periodic scans: one must always run malware scans periodically. That will help keep a check on your systems condition and prevent damage. Also using or unknowing devices without scanning is a strict NO. You must always run scan virus on the device.

Following these few security details will definitely help you keep your MACs life good and prevent any unwanted disturbance and also malware attacks. 

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