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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Beginners Basic Computer Guide

Computer is an electronic device which is designed to work with information. The word 'computer' comes from the Latin word 'computer', it means counting or programmable machine. The computer can do nothing without a program. It represents a decimal number with a string of binary numbers. The term 'computer' usually refers to central processor units plus internal memory.

According to functionality, computers are classified as:

  • Analog Computer: A computer that represents numbers by constantly changing physical volume, whose variations imitate the model of some system models.
  • Personal computer: A personal computer is small and low cost in a computer. The term "personal computer" is used to describe the desktop computer (desktop).
  • Workstation: A network terminal or desktop computer. In this context, the workstation is just a general term for a user machine (client machine) in contrast to a "server" or "mainframe".
  • Minicomputer: A minicomputer is not too short. At least, most of us do not think about Mini. You know how big your personal computer and its related family are.
  • Mainframe: This is a large computer that operates a whole corporation.
  • Supercomputer: It is the world's largest, fastest and most expensive computer.
  • Microcomputers: Your personal computer is a micro computer.

Basic parts of a computer:-


A computer monitor is an output device that displays information in the graphic form. A monitor usually consists of display devices, circuits, casing, and power supply. Modern monitors display devices typically replace a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlit, with a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) with LED backlighting. The older monitor uses a cathode ray tube (CRT).

The HDD:-

On the other hand, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), part of your computer is responsible for "long-term" memory. Hard drives use magnetic storage to write "fixed" data. We want to say strongly that if you close your computer the information will still be stored on the hard drive and you are ready to access it after you retrieve it.


There are two parts of your computer that are responsible for memory. Let's look at the random access memory (or RAM) early. Ram is a small stick with plastic circuits with several contacts on one side. It plugs directly to the motherboard of your computer (the large platform of the platform which plugs to other parts of the computer). Your computer's RAM somewhat like your short-term memory. It contains everything that a computer is thinking about right now.


Central processing unit (usually referred to as CPU) has a four-square-inch chip inside your computer, which has millions of transistors, which can perform every single mathematical operation. CPU Central Processing Unit Your computer's CPU is pretty cool in your computer's brain. This is part of your computer that is "Thinking", in the form of millions of calculations per second. On this day, the CPU creates several "core" that can work together.

Generally speaking, it strengthens your CPU and if it's even more the core, your computer will run faster.

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