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Friday, 10 March 2017

How to protect your TV?

Your television provides you with great entertainment. After a hard day's work, it is possible that it serves as your favourite pass time and relaxation. It is a home appliance which keeps serving us over long periods of time. However we often take our TVs for granted. We might feel that it would continue to serve us nonstop without any maintenance. 

With the latest technology now being for manufacturing of TVs the amounts being spent on televisions be it LED TVs or HD TV sets are huge. Being in the field of repairing LED and LCD Monitor we at Matrix Service  provide you with some important tips to protect your TV.

TV protection tips

You need to prevent use of harsh screen cleaning chemicals

Most of the modern LED and LCD TVs are covered by a layer of plastic. In case you use harsh chemicals for cleaning the monitor of your TV it may react with the same. This would damage the screen. So be careful while cleaning the screen of your Television set. It is best to just wipe of the dust instead of using harsh chemicals for cleaning the same. 

It is best to dust your television regularly

Accumulation of dust is very detrimental to your TV set . It traps the heat which adversely affects your TV set. So you need to prevent any accumulation of dust on your TV set or any other electronic appliance. It is therefore best to dust them with lint free cloth on a regular basis. 

You need to use mounts and stabilizers

LCD & LED TVs and other flat-panel HDTVs look great when mounted to an entertainment center. They may also be mounted on  a wall. But you need to make sure that your LCD TV is properly mounted to secure wall studs with a TV mount designed to hold your TV's weight. If you are not using a mount, secure your LCD television to a wall or entertainment center with a stabilizing cable to prevent it from tipping.

Make use of surge protectors are important 

Even minor surges in the power grid can damage electronics plugged directly into outlets. So it us best to make use a surge protector to shield your TV set  and other entertainment electronics appliances against  electrical damage.

Be careful while plugging in video game consoles

Certain video game consoles may damage your TV set. So be careful while plugging them into your TV set. 
We hope that the tips provided above will help you to protect your TV set. To know more please visit our website.


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