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Monday 25 September 2017

CCleaner: Is It a Safe Software?

CCleaner is a free anti malware tool. The same was developed by a Company which is based in London, known as Piriform. The anti malware tool was recently damaged which affected over 2 million users worldwide. The developer company is presently owned by renowned software security firm Avast.   

The company says that its download servers were compromised with during some time after the 15th of August this year shortly after it released its version v5.33.6162 . This happened owing to a data leak which also led to the injection of the second malware payload into the use PC to affect the same in the long run.

About CCleaner

CCleaner has over 2.27 million users globally. It has already been noted in the past that these hackers could do anything to earn street credit cards and money. Experts feel that is a form of industrial espionage which could ultimately destroy a country’s defense. 

It is being assumed that this was one of those attacks or it can be just for fun. It could also be just to show a large company like Avast that their security is breakable. However the exact reason for this hacking attack is yet to be known.

The virus attack: it’s impact

Researchers in the field are of the opinion the CCleaner malware was particularly worrisome because it somehow made it onto software that could be executed using Piriform’s valid security certificate. They also feel that the malware which was used is almost undetectable one out of 64 antiviruses can detect its presence.

It was also noted by the research team that this was the same malware that created the chaos on June, 2017. The attack back then had crippled thousands of business machines worldwide. The wiper malware was used for doing this attack back then. The same  was distributed from a legitimate tax accounting software from Ukrainian company M.E.Doc.

Steps to resolve the problem

“Piriform” has promised to fix this on the next version 5.34 which will be available on their official website.
However the big question here is who hacked the software? Was something which was done hackers or was it inside job? Or could it just be a publicity stunt? The fact is that if it was an attack from outside, then the company would not be so very concerned with the issue .Of course this type marketing is quite common with many companies.
As per the company, it is taking many corrective steps internally so that these incidents do not get repeated in the future. However this incident only is another reason why you as an internet user must be more cautious from here on. The following are certain steps you could use in this direction:
  •         You must try using strong passwords always
  •         Try never using personal information in your password
  •      You should set passwords as well as  PINs for mobile devices
  •          It is best to have  unique passwords for each website
  •          Get into the habit of regularly changing   passwords, which may be  every 30 to 60 days
  •         It is always recommended to use a “burner” email address
  •         Change email settings to display text only
  •         There is a need to update your operating system software whenever prompted by your system
  •         You must not t store an unencrypted password list on your device
  • I i It is always best to close your browser and clean your browsing history at regular intervals.

In conclusion we hope that this blog will help you to become more cautious in future and ensure better online safety. Keep Connected blog.matrixitservice.com


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