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Friday 16 June 2017

Technical Computer Terms


With the advancement in information technology computers have become a part of our everyday lives. We can hardly think our lives without them. So since they have become so important in our day to day lives we need to be familiar with at least some basic computer terms.
We at Matrix Infosys being one of the leading computer repair service providers in Kolkata through this blog have listed some basic technical terms you should be aware of.

List of some basic technical computer terms

  • Bug

In Computers the term denotes a glitch or an error in a program. 
  • Browser

Browser is what we use for surfing the internet. These could be  programs such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer , etc. 
  • Cache

You might often hear the statement ‘clear your cache’.  This refers for removing the recently stored data.  This gets stored in the RAM of the computer so that you can more access information quickly.  But it might also cause to slow down your computer.
  • Data Retrieval

Data retrieval is the process of recovering data which may be files, images, videos, music etc that you may not able to access either due to or damaged hard drive.
  • Defragment

A computer repair technician might often use the computer term defrag. This statement means employing a process to clean up a hard drive for removing files or parts of files and create empty space on your hard drive. 
  • Full System Re-installation

This is a process is used as a last resort in computer repairs.  If a machine can only be repaired by erasing data from the hard drive, then a full system re- installation would be required. The software has to be reloaded thereafter.
  • Hardware

This is a very basic computer terminology used. It refers to the physical components of your computer such as the mother board, fan, hard drive etc.
  • IP Address

IP is an acronym for ‘internet protocol’. It is made up of numbers separated by dots. Every internet connection has a specific   IP address.
  • Malware Removal

This has become common now. It denotes a form of malicious software which is written to cause harm or damage to a computer or network.  There are many different types of malware which includes viruses, Trojan horses, etc. 
  • MHz or Megahertz

The speed of the processor’s clock is measured in megahertz.
  • Modem

A modem is also called as the router. This is the device that transmits data over the phone line.  
  • Partition

In the computer field the term partition refers to one or more sections of a hard disk.  If you have a fault with the hard drive of your PC you might be  lucky that it is just the one partition rather than both.
  • Safe Mode 

Safe mode also known as safe boot are the technical terms used in computer repairs when a PC or Mac computer laptop or desktop cannot boot fully or is not fully operational. 
  • Spyware

Spyware are programs written that once on your machine watch your keyboard strokes and other use of your computer. 
  • Web Search Engine

The web search engines most commonly used like Google and is an information retrieval system.  Other search engines include Bing and Yahoo along with plenty of others as well


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